ZOZAN is closed - wholesale available.

In the last three years, we together made it possible to turn an idea into on of the biggest Kurdish platforms. Our gratitude goes out to each and every one of you who made it possible. Due to personal reasons, we have decided to pass on the opportunity to you so you can carry on with this legacy.
Individual orders are no longer possible. Orders already placed will be processed. Otherwise our products can be purchased at wholesale prices. Contact: https://www.zozan.com/contact

About us

ZOZAN – Kurdish Online Shop: Your store for Kurdish products – Only one click away!

Who and what is ZOZAN?

ZOZAN was found in 2015 by a group of German-Kurdish friends in the city of Dortmund. The aim was to provide comfortable access to Kurdish products to everybody, worldwide. To accomplish this goal, ZOZAN is cooperating very closely with small- and medium-sized companies in Kurdistan, but also with Kurdish artists and designers throughout the globe. Our online store includes various categories with a large variety of products, including books, clothing, jewelry, music, movies and much more.



Every idea starts with a question. The question for us was: Where can I get Kurdish products? Getting Kurdish products was complicated back then, and the range of products was pretty small. The quality was mediocre. Our discontent gave us the motivation to create a company that will do everything better. Better deliveries, better range, and most importantly better products. Early, ZOZAN became one of the most known Kurdish online stores, where our customers can choose their style, their size, their color. And all of that with a fast, worldwide delivery – No matter where you are.

How do delivery and return work?

Inside the European Union, we deliver your product via our partners from DHL. Shipping inside Germany costs you 3€. If you spend 25€ on ZOZAN, you pay no shipping fees. Shipping to other countries costs 6,90€. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can send it back. We accept direct money transfer by the bank, credit cards, and PayPal.

How can I support ZOZAN?

We at ZOZAN emphasize the WE. We don’t see ZOZAN only as a platform for the vendor and the customer, but also as a community with a common goal: Promoting Kurdish identity with arts, culture, and fashion. ZOZAN and our shared goal can only grow, when our customers help us. You and our team will become the WE. Tell us about your experiences; customer reviews are critical to us. They tell us how to improve and what the people need.

Send us photos of yourselves with ZOZAN products and let us know what else you want us to offer in our shop. Tell all your friends about ZOZAN and let us finally bring beautiful Kurdish creations to the world wide web.