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RENGÎN - Ayse Kilickaya

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  • 2021
RENGÎN - beautiful books to children learn playfully to assist with pictures .... more
Product information "RENGÎN - Ayse Kilickaya"

RENGÎN - beautiful books to children learn playfully to assist with pictures.

1. Colors: The first book the different colors are taught with images from nature. The book has 16 pages.
2. Forms: The second book different geometric figures are presented, and their use, for example, Sphere, cube, cylinder, etc. The book has 16 pages.
3. Numbers: In the third book, the figures in Kurdish to be taught. Here then next to each number images are shown, for example, next to the number 5 there are 5 birds. Thus, the learning process is further simplified. The book has 32 pages.
4. Perception: In the last book, the perception will be trained playfully. Differences between big and small or thick and thin are with beautiful images taught to the children. The book has 16 pages.

Author: Ayşe Kılıçkaya
Language: Kurdî (Kurmancî)
Eigenschaften: "RENGÎN - Ayse Kilickaya"
Author: Ayşe Kılıçkaya
Language: Kurdî (Kurmancî)
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