ZOZAN is closed - wholesale available.

In the last three years, we together made it possible to turn an idea into on of the biggest Kurdish platforms. Our gratitude goes out to each and every one of you who made it possible. Due to personal reasons, we have decided to pass on the opportunity to you so you can carry on with this legacy.
Individual orders are no longer possible. Orders already placed will be processed. Otherwise our products can be purchased at wholesale prices. Contact: https://www.zozan.com/contact

YOUR very own SHOP



ZOZAN was found in 2015 by a group of German-Kurdish friends in the city of Dortmund. The aim was to provide comfortable access to Kurdish products to everybody, worldwide. To accomplish this goal, ZOZAN is cooperating very closely with small- and medium-sized companies in Kurdistan, but also with Kurdish artists and designers throughout the globe.

Not only are we selling our products, but we also offer products manufactured by other producers. We intend to give Kurdish creators an opportunity to reach the Kurdish community efficiently and professionally.

We take on product presentation, logistics, selling, payments, customer service, marketing and product photography so that our cooperation partners can focus on what’s important to them: They core competence of creating. We offer our cooperation partners full support with a full service, including product presentation, sales, logistics, payment processing, customer service, marketing and product photography.


What are the benefits of selling on Zozan?



ZOZAN-Platform: The Zozan Platform is a multilingual and ultramodern system, developed by our experts to fit our strategy perfectly. Our IT-experts care for continuous maintenance, modernization, and security of the platform.

Target-Audience & Scope: Zozan targets not only Kurds of all ages, but also friends and supporters and people who are interested in the Kurds and Kurdistan. Through our large online presence, we can reach people worldwide, from the small village in Europe to the big cities in Asia and the Islands of Hawaii. We know no borders.

Payment: Our customers can use all standard payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, prepayment, debit, and quick transactions.

Logistics: We offer a professional warehouse system with all commonly used packaging materials and processes. Our staff packs and sends products of Zozan and our cooperation partners on a daily basis to our customers.

Customer Service: We take care of all communications with the customers and offer advice and information on selling, delivery returns and more.

Sale Promotion: The numbers of our customers are rising continuously due to our ever growing numbers of products, which enables us to use a capable cross-selling system. 

Marketing: We take care of all the marketing, including promoting our cooperation partners’ products. Our partners are of course free to extend this by own ways of promotion and marketing.

Product Photography: We can provide our partners with professional equipment and dedicated photographers who can promote the products in the best way possible.

Social Media / SEO: Our experts in search machine optimization and social media enable us to reach tens of thousands of possible customers each day. 


What do we expect from our cooperation partners?

We expect high-quality products which give our joint customers a high degree of satisfaction. The products must have a connection to the Kurds, Kurdistan or any Kurdish topic. We also expect original ideas and designs which make our customers happy with unique products. We hope that our cooperation partners have the legal rights to sell the products they offer to/on Zozan.

How can I become a Zozan Partner?

We are looking forward to receiving creative suggestions and inputs from you to further develop Zozan and to continue serving the Kurdish community and our friends with a steadily growing, beautiful selection of Kurdish-inspired products. Feel free to share your ideas and visions with us. Do you have an original design or product? Contact us, and we help you to get your product to our joint customers. We will check your submissions internally and get in contact with you as soon as possible, to discuss the framework conditions for a fruitful cooperation. You can contact us at any time via email, social media or by phone.

NEW: Special Shops for Cooperation Partners

Cooperation partners will now be able to sell their products via an own Shop on the Zozan Platform. Your shop will be multilingual (English, German and Kurdish) and it includes an individual link for your brand. With this step, we want to provide our partners with more opportunities to present their products and especially their brand. Your shop can be customized with logos, banners, and descriptions of your brand. Some examples:



What to do now?

Now it’s your turn! Tell us why we should put your product on our platform? Who are you? What are your ideas and visions?